Welcome to Papa Hannah’s blog where you will learn a different perspective on life!

From childhood, we are all taught a different ways of life: The Catholic way, the Sikh way, the Buddhist way, and so on. From our teen years, we began learning a different view on life: history from the view point a nation wants you to see history as, science that is seen to benefit humanity, and math that is seen to benefit humanity. From a young adult age, we delve more into the sciences, humanities, mathematics, and other areas of study to become a productive member of society. From our adult age, we delve into one simple question no matter our upbringing, what we learned in high school, or what we focused our studies on: How can I make money?

There are those who studied biology to obtain a M.S in microbiology, but work in retail. There are those who never finished high school, but struggle to make ends meet as a contractor. There are those who make millions of dollars in their business, but have broken families. There are those who have five children, but no partner to support them. There are those with five lovers, but no child to call their own. There are those who hold three jobs, but do not have enough to support their families. There are those with no job, but cannot see their families. All in the name of making money, sacrifices are being made that have a person feeling incomplete.

In this incompleteness in making money, there is one fundamental theme that can be found: We are taught too many different ways in life to the point there is no understanding of life’s true purpose. How many times has your local pastor/priest/monk told you the purpose of life is founded in faith? How many times have scientists advised our life’s mission is to preserve and restore planet earth? How many times have historians painted a negative picture of a people to benefit the pride of a country, give countrymen a land worth fighting for? How many times did money talk for your morals? How many times did you give up on your faith, your past education, your past beliefs, to adopt different ways that are seen as more financially beneficial? Has the trade off paid off financially, but the toll detrimental in other ways?

There are many faiths and religions in the world that lay the foundation of our morals. There are many schools of thought that lay the foundation of our mind. There are many universities that grow our foundation of morals and mind. There are many websites that teach how to balance life with money, jobs, school, family, and faith. However this may be, there is always a simple question that shadows over these foundations and blind us to a life we never thought we would live: How can I make money?

With the world as it is today, filled with political strife, filled with religious tensions, filled with struggle to make money to the point that this struggle blinds us in forms of anger, greed, envy and what have you, it is time for a new perspective in life – the perspective to see money as a tool, not as a key to paradise, to return back to our morals and to our mind, heart and soul working again in unity – to return to true freedom. The purpose of this blog is to research and understand how to return to a life without the love of money and to better our lives through this perspective. This could be in forms of researching different commonalities among religion and science and how they intertwine. It can also be in forms of looking at animals from a spiritual and scientific lens and how these viewpoints actually complement each other.

Life is more than money. It is time we return to a truer way to live. Hope you enjoy the journey of this blog to discover this truer way to live.

Let’s build something together.