The World is Feeling Off

And not just because the world was shut off during the pandemic.

I’ve been feeling the world has been off balance for sometime. When I listen to the news play in the background, although they are screaming and yelling at us to listen to them, I cannot help but hear their words as cries for help as they are thrown into an endless pit – their words fading into darkness as they make one final cry.

Deep within me, there is this feeling that we are in a long “calm before the storm” as more and more unnerving situations take place – from the pandemic, to the riots, to North Korea severing ties with South Korea and blowing up a liaison office, and now new claims the Mayan Calendar end date was wrong.

There are many moving parts going on all above, around and within us. With multiple political moves at play, with nations becoming divided, and with leaders calling to make any form of stand for peace, I see that it is very easy to get lost in the pandemonium that the world is now in.

This could be the beginning of the tribulation for Christians, the beginning of the purification for the Hopi, the beginning of the transition into a new world, the end of a world, it can be anything; however, we may not know for certain since we’re living on God’s Time and Mother Earth’s Time. Be this as it may, a gut feeling may hold more truth than understanding how all these moving parts in the world are connected: something is off.

Many faiths and religions of the world provide a path to peace & balance and I strongly believe this is the time that we act on paving our paths to peace. Along with the Inter-Korean liaison office blowing up, a skirmish in the India-China border just confirmed 20 Indian soldiers were killed in combat with China. Along with this, Russia just arrested a US Ex-marine for 16 years due to espionage.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Riots, additional fears of Covid-19 second wave, deteriorating relations between nations, increasing tensions between political parties, all happening in the same year and around the same time – how coincidental is this?

If there is any time to return to a path of peace, it is now.

As leaning as I am to omnism and syncretism, there are more roots of peace in all faiths and religions than we think – more similarities than differences, more unity than division, more positivity than negativity. A cross analysis of different religious verses can show us that the messages are the same in meaning, just different in language and word use. This is not a time to show how divided we are – as similar as many of these verses are, this is a time to see how similar we really are to one another.

This similarity in a path to peace is not just uniquely for humanity, but for all life – flora, fauna, fish of the seas, the birds in the sky, and all life that we interact with while living with the Earth. Living peacefully is not just uniquely for all life as well, but also for God/The Higher power and the Earth which we all share equally.

With all this chaos, isolation, tensions between nations, tension between citizens of any country, instead of focusing on how all this chaos comes together in the pandemonium the world is experiencing, we can turn our energy to fostering more tranquility with one another. The world is off on many levels, but that doesn’t mean we have to be.

May God/The Higher Power bless us all and may we all be safe and healthy.


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