Putting out the Fire and Flames of Hate

The Garden Within Us

What good does hatred do in our hearts? What good does hatred against any one person, one people, one nation do for the benefit of all life and the rights to peace all humanity, all life, God/The Higher Power, and the Earth are entitled to share in? What good does it do to act on hate?

We all have a garden in our heart where we can plant the seeds of happiness, see love grow, weed out sorrows so we can allow more happiness to grow, and break down anger within us. Just as how we can plant any flower or tree in our gardens in and around our homes, so to do we plant the seeds of happiness and other emotions within ourselves. What we reap what we so not just around us, but what is within us as well.

When we allow hatred to grow within us, this hate grows like a fire and burns away happiness and sorrow in us, only leaving room for more anger and sorrow to grow. Hatred is, in the English Language, a deep and intense dislike and/or ill will. I see Hatred as a perfect storm combination of wrath and envy and this very wrath and envy can be very destructive not just within us, but around us and our connection above us.

Hatred Blinds Us

Whatever flower of happiness blossom within us and however bright love shines within us, the flames of hate can burn away our happiness and make smoke so think and intense that it can block out the light of love within us. We can see this analogy put to effect in one of the most recent demonstration on how quickly hate can blind us. In Seattle, WA, a section of the city was designated, by the protesters, as a cop-free “Cap Hill”, so to speak, during the protests sweeping the United States. Just weeks prior, the people of the United States were thanking the cops, paramedics, and first responders for their quick assistance with the Covid-19 lockdown and emergency health care.

The love that shined for the first responders during one of the worst pandemics to sweep the world in modern times was quickly blacked out by the smoke created by the flames of hate. Once, the nation came together in unity to stand strong against the unseen virus of the body, now the nation is divided in hate to stand strong against a blinding smoke with both sides fanning the flames of hate – an unseen virus of the heart. The flames of hate can turn our hearts from love and unity down a path of divide and conquer. As sad as this situation is, this is the reality of the world today.

Would God/The Higher Power wish for us to continue on this path of divide and conquer, allow the flames of hate to continue blocking out the light of love that can shine within us, or would God/The Higher Power wish for us to see this as a test to grow stronger love and unity for one another? I would go with the latter.

The flames of hate will only continue to burn within us and burn away any happiness we have, leaving ashes in its wake for sorrow and anger to continually grow above, around, and within us. All faiths and religions of the world have many verses on unity, peace, and forgiveness. We have the power to put out the fire and flames of hate so love can shine, peace can be shown, and happiness can grow again.

Out of the Ashes

The fire and flames of hate above, around, and within us can be put out by prayers for unity, prayers for peace, prayers for forgiveness, remembering we can grow love and happiness with each other in hate’s stead, and replant the seeds of happiness out of the ashes these very flames have created.

However long these flames of hate will grow, only those fanning them on either side will know; however, what I know is this: we, as individuals part of a greater whole of life, we all are connected to each other, to God/The Higher Power, to all life around us, and the Earth we all share. No life is truly above another and no life should be denied their right to a path of peace. The flames of hate can and may have already blinded many of us from seeing we are all here, at this very moment, in our own corners of the earth, for many reasons. We have a choice to make these reasons good not just for ourselves, but for everything and all life around us.

Fanning the flames of hate will only continue destroying if we allow this fanning to continue; however, out of the ashes in its wake, perhaps we can replant happiness, see the light of love again, and see we are all human in the end. Rather than being swallowed by the flames of hate, we can choose to be a light that shines through the cloud of smoke and see the ashes as an opportunity to replant what has been burned.

I choose to be a light.

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