Letter to Life: Peace of Heart is the Ultimate Shield Against Evil

Dear Life,

Through out all faiths and religions of the world, many ways have been told that the body is our temple, the body is our sanctuary, that the way of peace is within us. As we enter further into the dark times of humanity filled with riots, food price increases, and with over a hundred thousand new cases of Covid-19 reported globally amidst reopening plans, I encourage all humanity to remember there are paths to peace that have been given to us a century ago, hundreds of years ago, and thousands of years ago.

In Corinthians 6:19:20 in the New Testament of the Bible, it is written, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;¬†you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” As this was written well over two thousand years ago By St. Paul, the Hopi of Northern Arizona also shared a similar teaching of the spiritual ark within us. In The Hopi Survival Kit by Thomas E. Mails, he rights, “How wonderful then that, for the Hopi and us, that the Creator and Maasaw have provided a SPIRITUAL ARK that consists of carefully chosen thoughts, words, deeds, and promises. Together, these make up the manner of life that will be led on the Ark” (pg. 226). With Corinthians and The Hopi Spiritual Ark in mind, the Sikh Sri Guru Granth Sahib also writes, “The mind is the temple, and the body is the fence built around it. The infinite substance is within it” (pg. 180-181).

Many faiths and religions of the world share this view that the body is the temple – either via Sikhism, Christianity, or the Hopi Spiritual Ark among many other definitions and view. These views come together in one common theme: peace can be found within us and peace within us can withstand any an all evil that will try and destroy the temple within us, the ark within us, or the strongholds within us.

As many faiths and religions of the world have branched off the same premise, we are at a point where the many variations of our interpretations can be realigned, refocused, and defined for all, no matter race, no matter life form, and no matter where our mind and hearts are now. God/The Higher Power has called on our bodies to be the temple of the Holy Spirit through Christianity through good thoughts and good deeds, The Hopi have called upon us to build the spiritual ark within us through good thoughts and good deeds, and the Sikhs have called upon ourselves being the temple of good thoughts and good deeds. As many other faiths and religions have shared similar, if not the same, messages throughout history and through out the world – who is to say we still cannot make the temple and the ark stronger against evil?

With all ill tidings, flames of hate rising, and the fear of the unknown times ahead growing above around and within us, let us not forget that we all still have the power to grow peace, love, and happiness within us. Evil may be winning this battle over the hearts of many right now to have the flames of hate to grow higher and hotter, but it will not win the war of true peace, true happiness, and true love to still grow within us.

May the Peace of God/The Higher Power be with us all and may we all be safe and healthy.


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