United, We Stand in Peace

United, or Divided?

Rome was once united from the northern edges of Africa up to the border of England and Scotland, but then they declined due to economic strife, dividing the empire into two, internal uprise of those oppressed, and so on. The Mongolian empire was once united and was the largest continuous land empire the world has ever seen, until they two were divided and broken down to many nations, filled with people once oppressed by the Khanate. Christianity was once united, but then divided under many different denominations that still conflict over who is right and who is wrong in their interpretation of the Bible and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The United States of America was once united as 13 colonies against the mighty British Empire, but they two succumbed to the civil war and divided over political ideologies, economic systems, and many other reasons. The United States still continues to see this division today with the sophisticated and elaborate method of division of many people who do not meet the hidden high standards of American society.

The United Nations was once a key to unifying all nations under a central court and power to ensure peace on earth for the benefit of all; however, constituents and parties of interest has made their true mission a political tool to keep those in power in power while other nations struggle to be come “developed” in the eyes of technologically advanced civilizations.

Are we truly united, or are we in the most sophisticated form of division the world has ever seen?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

From Utopia to Dystopia

As many nations conflict and divide the world over their view of what a utopia may be, a dystopia is left in their shadows – leaving majority of their population to live in this dystopian world of divide and conquer for the quest of a theoretical utopia a select few have. Once, it was the American Dream. Now, the American Dream conflicts with the Chinese Dream while Europe was reaping the harvest of economical dominance of tourism and safety all the while Africa and the Middle East became riddled with war and division.

If this is what the definition of world peace is and was at the advent of the United Nations, then it is highly misleading.

The religions of the world have all shared the same message of peace in their many verses that are more synonymous than we think (for more, see my faith quotes of the day). While some leaders have shared the notion of spreading the wealth, as famously said by President Barack Obama, spreading a nations wealth where an economy is geared towards the enrichment of the home nation only leads the home nation to economic decline while other nations become reliant on this spread of wealth until the home nation in question is shown as economically unstable and unreliable to keep spreading this wealth.

When a home nation looks to retrieve back the wealth that was shared, those who have received this share of the wealth may be taken aback and cause further tensions with the nation spreading the wealth – expecting the sharing to continue; thus, leading to further conflict between peoples. If this is what the definition of what a strong economy is with the advent many economical and political tensions, then it is highly misleading.

When Nation A is indebted to Nation B while Nations A through K are indebted to Nation Q, while Nation Q is indebted to Nation Z who is indebted to nation A – as we can see between debts and loans made to and by the US, China, Russia, and all nations in between – would one assume these debts can be written off as equal in value to the debts that are coherently own by one another, or are these debts just a tool of a false strong economy to keep developing countries from developing whilst showing dominance over how the world should be ran, continually mass consuming finite resources? You can read more on this in my Journal on Money & Faith.

With so many questions, so many political and economic motives, and with ever growing tensions between nations over who is right and who is wrong, the select few who are united on their view of a utopia is leaving a dystopia for the rest of humanity to struggle through, all the while asking “How can I make money” when we all should be asking “How can our lives be better with one another, the Earth, all Life around us, and the Power Above?”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

True Unity is Something Else

If all humanity are equals to one another, if we all are one strand in the web of life, if we all inhabit and share our lives with the Earth and all other lifeforms, and if the world has provided many different, yet similar, paths to peace via the many faiths and religions of the world, then why must we continue to succumb to systems that only lead to our detriment, solely following the dollar rather than following what is truly good for us and everything around us?

All of us see it in the news in our respective nations, so there is no need to share a plethora of hyperlinks: North Korea severed ties again with South Korea, The United States is just as divided as it was during the Civil War and just like the division of Rome, economic hardships are strongly felt throughout the world and only anger, hatred, sorrow and dystopia are being left in our wake if we continue. If this is the path of peace we are on, then it is highly misleading.

United, we stand in peace not for the sake of our nations, but for the world. United, we stand in peace not for the sake of our community, but all communities we live with. United, we stand in peace not for the sake of us chasing the dollar, but finding our paths to peace that can enrich us more than a fiat currency inflated with interest that deflated in value year over year. United, I believe we can build a better world than what we have for the benefit of all, not just for the few who claim it is for all when it is not.

May everyone reading this post be blessed by God/The Higher power and may we all be safe and healthy.

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