A Letter to Humanity

Dear Humanity,

Why must we allow anger to grow like wildfire in our hearts? The heart is a garden where we grow what we sow and harvest what has grown. Hatred burns everything good that we grow in our hearts and only allows anger, fear, and sorrow to grow out of the ashes of the love, happiness and peace that we all have worked to grow within us and with others.

Humanity, throughout the ages and throughout the world, we have been given many forms of prayer to keep ourselves connected with God/The Higher Power, The Earth, and all life around us. We have made many great tools that can work with the Earth, respect and appreciate all life around us, and yet we have created many tools that can destroy all life around us and damage The Earth more than what we already have.

Humanity, we have seen many dive into the flames of hate just to jump out and spread this flame onto other people. The anger is real, the fear is real, the sorrow is real. What is also real is the happiness, the peace, and the love we can regrow in the garden of our hearts. Humbly do I pray that we, as humanity as a whole and part of life with Earth, that we replant the seeds of happiness and love in our hearts and quench the flames of hate with the rains of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Humanity, God/The Higher Power is always with us, no matter what path of peace we are on – may it be Christianity, Sikhism, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Baha’i, Native American Spirituality and so on. Delving into the flames of hate will only burn a cloud of ashes within us – blocking our connection with God/The Higher Power. Descending into destruction of people’s livelihoods, happiness, peace will not bring that peace and happiness unto you – it will only spread the hatred ad sorrow you are feeling.

Humanity, humbly do I pray that we all can see peace is a sturdier path to walk over the flame-bitten paths of hate and destruction. Everyday on the news and mass media, we are seeing more and more the division between people, between races, between neighbors, and even in between ourselves as to what is right and what is wrong. Humbly do I pray that we continue growing our connection with God/The Higher Power, the Earth, and all Life around us. Humbly do I pray we let the rains of reconciliation and forgiveness to come down in our hearts so the seeds of happiness and love and grow with in us.

There are better ways of living than allowing the flames of hate to grow.

Be well and be safe and healthy.

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