A Letter to God on Peace

Dear God/The Higher Power,

What good does it do to break into another’s business, take whatever food and clothes one can carry? What good does it do to agitate peaceful protests in an effort of political gain? What good does it do to spark violence?

The world has seen many unjust crimes in humanity’s history from war to slavery, from peril to prize, from segregation to discrimination. Humanity now has the knowledge of how this has damaged humanity and now humanity is at a breaking point in the world.

From isolation to mass hysteria, the world has seen how a virus has violently taken many lives and led humanity to isolation while, in turn, the death of George Floyd has turned this isolation into a boiling pot of anger and sorrow and thus allowed agitators to see this as a prime opportunity to destroy, steal, and scapegoat.

The weeds of sorrow and the roots of anger have grown back to back, God/The Higher Power. Humanity’s fear of the Coronavirus fueled nations to take great precautions in ensuring the health and well being of their citizens. In a matter of months, fear, sorrow, and anger has grown so much in our hearts to the point where two choices are available; allow them to continuously grow without end or cut them down, weed them out of our hearts, and return to our paths to peace.

As many cities and states have peaceful protests planned, agitators will continuously see these peaceful protests as a means for their own agenda – having the voice of the protest drowned out by violence when, in actuality, the purpose of the peaceful protests was for legitimate rights. Hatred is being grown and tensions are rising when peace should be rising.

God/The Higher Power, humbly do I pray that those who are growing hatred, growing anger, growing sorrow, and growing fear in their hearts to see that there is a light of peace that can and will be found in each and every one of us. Humbly do I pray that we will see that destruction will not bring the changes we are hoping for. Humbly do I pray that theft, destroying other businesses, fanning the flames of hate will not bring us back to a path of peace, but down the road of further destruction.

God/The Higher Power, humbly do I pray that we return to the peaceful paths in life, may we be Christian, Jew, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Shintoist, Taoist, Native American Traditionalist, African Traditionalist, and spiritualist. Humbly do I pray that, no matter what are faith or religion is, we may all come together and pray that peace and love will be bestowed on those who are lost in hate, anger, sorrow and fear.

God/The Higher Power, humbly do I pray that those who are lost in the darkness will be guided and strong to take down their fears, their sorrows, their anger, and put out the flames of hate that burn in their hearts and make room for the path of peace to be found within them. We, as humans, can rise above all this and find rest with You.

I will end this letter to you with a poem I wrote, called “Remaining True”:

Here I am to follow You
I once walked away from You
But now I’m here to say

And to walk beside You
Once followed my own desire
But now I desire You

Lead me from the lands I roam
To the Road You lead
Cleanse my soul of sin
My heart sings your creed

Here You are, remaining true
I once walked in shame to You
But now I will walk strong

With no fear, only joy
You have found the strength in me
And now I will be strong

Lead me from the lands I roam
To the road You lead
Cleanse my soul of sin
My heart sings Your creed

I am here to stay
To remain true to Your way
And Freedom

Be well and be safe & healthy.

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