What Good Does it do to Grow Hate?

Well of Sorrows

Sorrow’s another word to sadness and will lead to madness. Sorrow relentlessly grows fear just for humanity to howl in anger and tears. From Black Lives Matter to Blue lives Matter, From All Lives Matter to our very human cores, from generation to generation humanity has seen segregation, discrimination, racial tensions, racial supremacy, massacres, and one statement that is constantly fought over on an interpersonal, small group, mass media, and war level: “I am right, you are wrong.

In the history of the United States, Native Americans were massacred by the millions in the conquest of North America as part of “Manifest Destiny.” In the same time frame, Chinese Americans worked endlessly on the railroads in California while African Americans were fighting for their freedom in the American Civil War. Red, Yellow, Black, and White were to see each other as equals in humanity and beyond color of skin – were to learn from one another to build a great society. Instead, international struggles persist for dominance over the world while the pot of racial tensions is stirred within each nation – from the Uighur in China to the African Americans in the United States.

There is no Aryan race. The idea of supremacy is born of barbaric mindsets that one group of people should dominate over all others for the sake of their own greed while the others suffer. The idea of supremacy is bathed in the tears of sorrow by the races who have suffered by this mindset. The idea of white supremacy is kept alive by those who see Money as God rather than God as God for the sake of their own greed – keeping all those “below” them in a state of mental enslavement. While the ball and chain has been freed from the ankle, it has been moved to the mind in the form of mental control.

As humanity is seeing that the ball and chain hasn’t been fully removed, we are in a state of complete chaos in the world. We are living on a plain of broken glass atop another floor made of unbroken glass. As we are walking carefully not to step out of line and cut our feet, we are also walking carefully to make sure the second floor of glass does not break as well, making it harder for us to walk and live our lives. In so doing, one death can lead to this floor of glass to brake over and over again, making the ground we walk on so hard to walk on without cutting ourselves. We are at a point where people have cut themselves so much trying to stay in line that the pain has made many numb. This numbness is growing sorrow. This numbness is growing anger. Now we see this sorrow and anger grow to levels that we see now: riots, protests, and more debate in politics over who is right and who is wrong.

Who is Right and Who is Wrong?

From Black Lives Matter to Blue Lives Matter, to All Lives Matter and everyone in between, from Yellow to Red, from Black to White, from city to city and from nation to nation the cries of “I am right, you are wrong!” are so loud that even a toddler joins in these wails as they watch their mothers and fathers chain in the street, risking their lives in the protests across America and the world.

The cries of “I am right, you are wrong!” from all sides are like blunt blades banging against each other as if they are whetstones for each other, sharpening each other’s blade until they are sharp enough to cut out more than words. The cries of “I am right, you are wrong!” are so loud that they are continuously breaking the field of broken glass into many more pieces, giving us more chances to hurt ourselves for the sake of keeping in line with the mental enslavement those in power work tirelessly to keep us in.

Out of all these cries and pain all humanity has felt since the fall of George Floyd by the sinful hands of a proud cop, I came across a video on social media where a family of African Americans were brutally murdered in the riots – only leaving one child bawling her eyes out as their mother and father laid cold on the streets. Over the cries of who is right and who is wrong, a child is left with no family – no news coverage, no cops, no paramedics, no nothing. Are we to see more of this, if this conflict continues? It appears the the cries of “I am right, you are wrong!” is already taking casualties and the blades have been sharpened.

This path has humanity in a state of pandemonium where the line between what way is right and what way is wrong has been blurred and now we are polarized in so many directions that now destruction is following suit. What is right and what is wrong, then?

While the path of peace should be the right one, bathing the path of peace in the blood and tears of others is a false path and will lead to destruction again. No true peace is born in blood and destruction. Peace born of blood and destruction will be ended by blood and destruction.

Time for True Peace

Sorrow grows like a weed within us and must be weeded out for happiness to grow. Fear grows like a crown of thorns around us and can be turned into strength. Anger grows like bamboo in us: can grow widely out of control or it can be used for more constructive uses such as building bridges with one another. As the effects of greed grown in those in power has led us to this breaking point of division, now is a time for unity to share happiness with one another, see each other as equals.

Video provided by Karl Kroll posted on YouTube.

After many challenges in Minneapolis, many have taken to the streets to come together and rebuild their lives. Whether you be Red, Yellow, Black or White, this is a time when all humanity must come together in peace. The effects of greed are being uncovered continuously and it is time for change. This change does not need blood or destruction. This change does not need us continuously walking on a field of broken glass. This change does not need more battles over the statement of “I am right, you are wrong!” This change we are crying for is calling for peace, calling for sharing happiness, sharing love, and sharing equality with all humanity, with all life, and with ourselves. No life is truly above one another.

Black lives matter, red lives matter, yellow lives matter, white lives matter, human lives matter, all lives matter. What good does it do to grow hate for one another when we all share the same world? What good does it do to grow hate for one another when we all bleed the same blood? All races, all humans, all lives are equal in the eyes of God/The Higher Power. We all have knowledge and intelligence we can share with one another, build better lives for each other equally without hatred and without racial division. We all have the power in us to grow peace and love, not death tolls and destruction.

While the path of peace can be a long one, it is sturdier and more sound than the fields of broken glass we all grew accustomed to walking on. A path of peace without destruction is not a direction we are accustomed to regarding humanity as a whole, but it will lead us away from the same path we have been been on and more sound peace.

The world I dream of has no room for racial divide, segregation, discrimination. The world I dream of has no room for greed. The world I dream of has no room for the pain the world is now experiencing. The world is for all life – may you be red, yellow, black or white or may the life be the trees, the wolves, the dears or the fish. We are all living with earth by the grace of God/The Higher Power. I dream of a world of true peace – I hope anyone who reads this shares in this dream and I pray this will become reality.

Turn your anger and sorrow not to the streets, but God/The Higher Power in prayer in these darkest times. May you find peace in the ways of your faith and may you be safe in these dark times. We are all on the same path of peace.

Be well and be safe.

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