A Letter to God For George Floyd

Dear God,

“This officer failed in the most basic human sense” Mayor Jacob Frey solemnly stated in a news briefing.

CNN also writes in another news article, “FBI Director Christopher Wray sent an email to employees Friday night saying people’s trust in law enforcement is eroded when officers fail to protect and serve everybody.”

In a YouTube video by Jimmy Kimmel on George Floyd’s untimely death, we have cries of anger not only at the situation, but at the President of the United States.

God, the world has been in dark times where trust in government is failing, division between races has risen, riots and looting are increasing, and anger, fear, and sorrow are more prevalent than peace, happiness, and love for thy neighbor as ourselves.

Time and time again, we have seen how over one death, a world will crumble. George Floyd’s family now has their world in shambles over this murder. Time and time again, the pot of division, anger, fear and sorrow is stirred again and again.

Humbly do I pray that George Floyd finds peace in your presence and may he rest with You. Humbly do I pray his family will find peace after this dark time they were forced into by a man that sworn to protect them. Humbly do I pray that George Floyd will find peace in knowing You will watch over his family in their greatest time of need.

As many turn to anger and sorrow over this unjust death, humbly do I pray that we turn more to peace and loving each other as we should love ourselves. This is not the time for the pot of division to be served, but the bowl of peace to be served.

Black, White, Red, or Yellow, we are all humans and we are all living on Earth together. We all bleed the same color blood, we all breathe the same air, we all share the same smile when a child is born, we all share the same tears when a child has died. Humbly do I pray we can denounce division, walk away from anger, walk away from sorrow, walk away from our fears and see we are human beyond our skin color and all deserving of a peaceful life. Like many of us, George Floyd was a son of a loving mother and a brother to a loving sister. He and his family need our prayers more than our rioting.

God, humbly do I pray that who ever reads this letter to you they will join me in prayer for peace and comfort for George Floyd and his family. Humbly do I pray that, whoever reads this letter, will turn away from the riots, turn away from the fear, turn away from the anger and turn the very anger and fear into prayers of peace and consolation for George Floyd and his family.

May God bless us all and may God bless George Floyd and his family in their greatest time of need.

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