God Is Real: Why We Still Need God/The Higher Power


With all the various names for God/The Higher Power and with many faiths and religions of the world providing a path towards peace and balance, we are at a stage in humanity where there is more time spent on making money rather than living with the Earth, God/The Higher Power, and peace Referencing a Gallup Poll on Religion in the United States, below are some example statistics that show an increase in Atheism and a decrease in attending houses of worship:

  1. At the present time, do you think religion as a whole is increasing its influence on American life or losing its influence? (Answers from 2019)
    1. Increasing it’s influence: 19% (down from 26% in 2011)
    2. Losing it’s Influence: 79% (up from 71% in 2011)
  2. How often do you attend church or synagogue — every week, almost every week, about once a month, seldom or never? (Answers from 2019)
    1. Every week: 23% (down from 28% since 2011)
    2. Never: 29% (up from 20% since 2011)
  3. Do you Believe in God? (Answers from 2017)
    1. Yes: 87% (down from 92% in 2011)
    2. No: 12% (up from 7% in 2011)

Below is a graph of all answers for the question regarding if religion is increasing or decreasing its influence – all data is sourced by the Gallup poll on Religion from 2019.

Below is a graph showing an increase in never attending Church/Synagogue while there is a noticeable decrease in attending once a week. The data selected three out of six options – the other three were almost every week, seldom, and no opinion:

To have a different view on the third question, Do you Believe in God?, below is a graph of answers provided for every Gallup Poll, showing the decrease in believing in God/The Higher Power’s existings while the disbelief of God/The Higher power Increases:

Being both a numbers person (with my background in banking and business) and someone with a very strong relationship with God/The Higher Power, no matter what religion you are a part of, these numbers and trends are shocking, to say the least.

In the influence of Religion, we see a wider gap between increasing and decreasing influence with a small turn over in 200-2001; however, the loss of influence also correlates with the increase in no belief in God/The Higher Power. As the increase of disbelief in God moves up, so to does the finding for many that religion is losing its influence.

Also to note, in the graph of believing in God/The Higher Power, we can see that, since 1967 to 2013, there was a sharp increase of 10% and more to those not believing in God with a 5% incease in the past five years.

No matter what faith you belong to, no matter what religion you hold true to, and no matter the name you have for God/The Higher Power, these numbers can be shocking to a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu and even for Native American Tribes who hold true to their native faiths to The Higher Power/Creator. If these trends continue in the vast increases that these numbers suggest, even more people will turn away from God/The Higher Power and Faith/Religion will further be threatened.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Relationship with God/Higher Power

In my previous post, Money is Not God – Only God is God, I shared insights on atheism and a possibility why we are seeing such increases. in the Dark Side of Debt, I shared that debt is a form of mental enslavement on a population. In another post, Possibility of No Money, I shared that a new economic system may be needed in this world that does not harm the Earth and betters or connection/relationship with God/The Higher Power. Be this as it may, the numbers from Gallup are showing an increase rate of turning away from God and more towards seeing Money as God. If left unaddressed, then I believe more harm to the world, and to ourselves, will be done as we continue on this trajectory.

My concern is this: If we continue to view Money as God/The Golden Calf rather than view God as God, we will be blinded by our own greed and mass consumption of known finite resources on Earth along with facilitating excessive damage to the only planet we humans, and all life forms, have. In a recent National Geographic study on bees, due to their declining numbers, we can see a heavier impact on farming and agriculture with bees not only monetarily, but ecologically as well.

As all faiths and religions of the world have denounced greed and all have agreed on the benefits of prayer, I find it is no coincidence that not just the belief in God/The Higher Power, but the understanding that God/The Higher Power is with us, leads humanity towards a path of humility and respect for all life forms and away from hitting an iceberg, so to speak.

In a cover story published by the American Psychological Association, “Early religions used rituals — such as restricting certain foods such as pork and wearing clothing to denote modesty — to publicly demonstrate these moral concerns [Do no harm, play fairly, be loyal to your group, respect authority and live purely]. Those rituals then helped unite people and allowed them to live together cooperatively…Today, religions continue that tradition.” With this in mind, it leads me to see that the belief in God/A Higher power, with faith and religion to support, allowed humanity to live more modestly/humbly and respectful of each other and all life.

Many faiths, particularly Native American traditions, are renown for a more mutual relationship with all life and the Earth. The Cherokee have their ways, the Lakota have their ways, the Hopi have their ways, and so on. regarding the APA’s cover story mentioned above, and with the faiths and religions of the world providing paths to peace at their core roots, I find that having a relationship with God/The Higher Power, being part of your respective faith, and living humbly has more benefits than detriments.

Numbers and God

The numbers do not lie, and neither does God/The Higher Power. In responds to this decrease in faith to God along with lack of adherance to respective religions and faiths, we can also see this trend occur in increases in deforestation, carbon emissions, and what have you.

Reflecting on the increase in disbelief in God and the decrease in relgious influence, no matter the faith, The World Counts advises that, as of May 21st, 2020, Rainforests have 79 years left until they end if the level of deforestation continues.

Similarly to this, the level of Carbon emissions, according to the EPA.Gov, shares this consistent graph of Gas Emissions.

Similarly to how we value money more than we value God/The Higher Power, no matter what faith we are apart of, these numbers are shocking to see as to how much damage is being done by Humanity, for the sake of Money the Golden Calf, with growing lack of belief in God.

Image by Jörg Peter from Pixabay

Why God Is Real: Creation Stories and Now

God is not only real as a “control point” for humanity to do no harm, play fairly, be loyal to your group, respect authority and live purely, God is Real because God/The Higher Power reminds us that we Humans are part of a greater whole in life with Earth. Let’s take a look at some creation stories by many different faiths to shed some light:

God called the dry land “earth,” and the basin of water he called “sea.” God saw that it was good. Then God said: Let the earth bring forth vegetation: every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree on earth that bears fruit with its seed in it. And so it happened. The earth brought forth vegetation: every kind of plant that bears seed and every kind of fruit tree that bears fruit with its seed in it. God saw that it was good.” Bible, Book of Genesis, 1:10-12

He established the earth, the sky and the air, the water of the oceans, fire and food. He created the moon, the stars and the sun, night and day and mountains; he blessed the trees with flowers and fruits. He created the gods, human beings and the seven seas; He established the three worlds.Sikhism, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, pg. 1399

Taiowa created the First world called Tokpela. From here, Taiowa created Sótuknang as his nephew, and calling himself Sótuknang’s Uncle, to create the eight other worlds. Sótuknang, according to Taiowa’s great plan, then created water, and forces of Air. Next, to Taiowa’s will, Sótuknang then created Kókyangwúti, or Spiderwoman, to create all life on Earth, including humans. Taiowa is the creator of all and has a divine plan for all humanity and life. Summary from The Book of the Hopi, Frank Waters, 1963.

In these three stories and summaries, God/The Higher Power created all life, including Earth, plants, animals, and us as Humans. many other religions of the world have slightly different creation stories, but the fact that all life was created, including humans, according to God’s plan, then all life must be respected and understand that the resources on this earth are not for Humans to massively consume.

The numbers do not lie and neither does God. The increase in lack of faith and lack of God has, in turn, allowed us to see the mass increase of mass consumption of finite resources and thus seeing the damage to the Earth as a result. I believe that, if we return to a path with God/The Higher Power with us and adhere to humility and respect to all life, we can increase not only the longevity of life on Earth, but also peace within us and with all Life.

God is Real not just because of these creation stories and these numbers, but also because God/The Higher Power reminds us we are part of the world God created for all life to flourish in – not just humanity. I believe that if we return to a way where we live mutually with the Earth, all Life, and God/The Higher Power, then we can find better ways to decrease our mass consumption of finite resources.

More to Come on this.

Be well and be safe & healthy.

Papa Hannah.

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