Possibility of No Money

Evolution of Money

Prior to the globalization of the world (or possible de-globalization for some of today’s minds), money was used very differently with hard assets outside of the Dollar Bill, Rupees, Rubles, Euros, and what have you. For thousands of years, Gold, Silver, and Copper were the most common forms of currency. Wampum, made of white clam shells, were used my many tribes as their medium of exchange. Some may have used other forms of exchange; however, some of them are more morbid. In the beginning, we bartered, then went to cattle, then to various other forms of currency (referencing Nova).

Today, we see various names of money all in different forms – similar to how many religions there are in the world. In my background in banking and business, I can tell you that money is meant to be a medium of exchange between two goods or services; however, when discussing that Money is Not God and The Dark Side of Debt, Money has been turned into something of a False God/Higher Power, in my opinion, a form of mental enslavement. What is the possibility of freeing ourselves of money, to have no money?

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay

Defining Money

If Money is meant to be a medium of exchange between two parties for two different goods or services, then the money is a tool, correct? If so, then why do we have Mortgages for 15 years, student loans for 10 years, car notes for 5 years, personal loans for 1 to 5 years, credit cards that give high interest rates in a fiat currency system that the world is in, considering the average salary may not be enough to support these debts where more than 75% of the U.S.A live paycheck-to-paycheck?

A simple google search will easily land you on a page that tells you a shocking number of people live that way, and the solution is to budget. Considering the fact that the federal reserve bank works to keep national interest in the United States at a certain percentage, and with various other variables such as speculative investing, derivatives, corporate bonuses, and beyond, how could a population learn how to budget with so many variables on classifying what this medium of exchange is? I find it improbable to find that a post on how to budget is the cure-all for how money is currently handled both in the USA and outside.

With these forms of transactions in mind, we also come across a plethora of other digital currencies, or cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. We also can see the purchasing of stocks, hedge funds, banks selling loans to other banks to continue lending to a population, and beyond. With how money is currently viewed as, like a God/Higher Power, I find that money has evolved into something completely unrecognizable to what it was meant to be: a medium of exchange.

With majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and with many populations in other nations experiencing the same, if not extremely different and worse off, situations than living paycheck to paycheck, I find it’s more fair to call the fiat monetary system we currently live in as a medium of mental enslavement rather than a medium of exchange.

With how quickly we are utilizing resources in this world to the point where many lifeforms are on the verge of being extinct, I believe the current view on money may also be blinding us into this mass consumption.

Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

View on Money

In my earlier posts, Money is Not God – Only God is God and The Dark Side of Debt, I shared that money should be seen more as a tool for all humanity to utilize for a medium of exchange and how those who control the money and view it as the Golden Calf should not continue to get richer. Sadly, the current situation we are in and our view of Money blinds and binds us into asking How can I make Money?

I also find it very misleading with the average salaries for the United States of America, which range from $40,000 to upwards of $80,000 in the linked article, are not consistently inline with the median income of people as shown in the United Stated Debt Clock. Also discussed in the Dark Side of debt was the disparity of wealth – and the US Debt clock can also confirm that when we see US Millionaires vs. those receiving food stamps and struggling to pay down the debts created by those who are richer than they are.

In this view, the disparity of money, wealth, and chasing how you can make money has a plethora of variables that makes me find the vast amount of variables just confirms money is more of a golden calf/mental enslavement tool rather than a medium of exchange.

How possible is it, then that we return to a mentality where money was not constantly on our minds? How possible is it to live life with No Money?

Image by HeatherPaque from Pixabay

No Money

The way I see it, humanity does still need a medium of exchange in order to trade goods and services; however, the medium of exchange that is money as it is today should no longer be that medium of exchange. Debt has become a ball and chain for many people in the United States and around the world. Instead of iron shackles holding people in line on cotton plantations, we have people shackled in debt, holding people seated at the cubicles.

The many variables and ways to make money in today’s world, in my view, is just a vein of blood keeping the false God of Money alive. Having a world without money is a dream that I once had and everyone lives happily in sharing and caring; however, returning to a realistic perspective, shocking over 7 billion people to a life without money would be more devastating of a shock than the Covid-19 lockdown.

I find we need a monetary and economical system that allows more room for God/The Higher Power in our lives, respect and mutual coexisting with the Earth, all life around us, and fellow humanity. I do not believe that the current economical system that is in place today is more important than the system of life that has been in place for thousands of years. The question I have is this:

What economical and monetary system is there that address the following concerns?

  • Respects and understands the level of finite resources available on Earth,
  • Respects and understands the availability of reusable resources
  • Respects and understands that there are other life forms that coexist with us on the Earth,
  • Respects and encourages the longevity of our planet Earth,
  • Appreciates and humbles us to the gift of life the Higher Power has provided us, no matter faith we adhere to,
  • Respects that each human is an equal in value of life not only to other humans, but to all life around us,
  • Allows a medium of exchange that heavily discourages the use of debt
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Living Beyond the Current Economical System

I think it is a fantastic start to a new way of life where many people are looking to “go green” with more eco-friendly products, programs to clean trash around the world, plant more trees, and what have you; however, the caveat I have is we are still in a system that is reliant on money for loans, grants to perform such programs, and high costs for eco-friendly products.

While there are small sects of people and communities are working diligently to be as eco-friendly as possible, news reports from 6 years ago, such as this article from the Guardian, advises “the fact that the now dominant capitalist economic system is unsustainable is not in doubt. It has contributed to the breaching of several ecological boundaries, in relation to climate change, biodiversity loss and nutrient enrichment.”

With the world still reliant on an economical system that is geared towards mass consumption, mass waste, mast debt, and mass mental enslavement to keep this system of the dollar on the path to be praised like God does more damage than just question our faith and relationship with God/The Higher Power.

Many cultures around the world, prior to globalization and strong interactions with each other across land and oceans, all found faith in higher powers above them. In my view, this collective faith in God/The Higher Power confirms that the Higher Power is with us and allows us to live on this planet in respect to other life forms around us. However this may be, the current level of greed and pride that ravages across the world is leading humanity away from this relationship we have with God/The Higher Power and, in turn, causing more damage to the Earth.

Many social and economic systems that we know of today are more geared towards population control, maximizing quantity and quality of resources, the maintenance and growth of a fiat currency, and of course warfare. From Capitalism, Communism, Oligarchy, Technocracy, Democracy, these systems are geared more towards the benefit of humanity rather than the benefit of all life including humanity – thus making our system more for virus-like relationships rather than mutually symbiotic relationships.

I believe we can live without money and the current economic system as we know it is today; however, in turn, we will need a system that addresses a mutual relationship between what God/the Higher Power has provided for us, understanding and respecting the resources available to us on Earth, live in a mutual relationship with the Earth and all life around us, and what have you while still having a medium of exchange between goods and services.

I find little evidence that the current economic systems we know of today would allow such a mutual relationship with all life forms and the earth, no matter how hard and diligently we work to find eco-friendly ways to do so. I believe the eco-friendly routes we are looking to take would grow and be better suited for an economic system that is geared towards the benefit of the Earth, not its detriment.

Perhaps the economical system can be created with like-minded people who are looking for new ways to rebuild our connection with the Earth, The Higher Power, and all Life Around us. The way I see it, this system may be needed more urgently than anticipated.

More to come on this.

Be Well and Be Safe and Healthy.

Papa Hannah

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