Religions of the World: Different Names for God


The Religions of the world have many different Names for God/the Higher Power: God, Allah, Yahweh, Taiowa, the universe, karma, the creator, and so on. In our earlier discussion, Money is Not God, Only God is God, we discussed how only God is God, Taiowa is Taiowa, Waheguru is Waheguru, Allah is Allah, Yahweh is Yahweh and so on. The other names for God come from various faiths from around the world and may hold the same meaning as to who/what God/the Higher Power is defined as in these faiths.

The monotheistic religions of the world – i.e. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Baha’i, Sikhism – find God to be a singular power above all else – the supreme being. In the Polytheistic religions of the world – i.e. Hinduism, various Native American Tribes, Chinese and African traditional religions – they would have a “creator” God and various Gods and Goddesses that follow particular roles according to the creator God’s will. Be this as it may, there is one commonality between the Creator God of polytheism and the Almighty God of monotheism: Creation and Ruler above all.

With this in mind, I find that whether your faith is monotheistic or polytheistic, whether you have Saints that follow the will of the Almighty God or Gods and Goddesses following the will of the creator God, there are more similarities than differences in the faiths and religions of the world in terms of core beliefs and powers. God/Higher Power has been a source of faith, peace, empowerment and beyond for not just the Abrahamic religions of the world, but for all faiths around the world.

Each of the below definitions will have a brief synopsis and/or story behind the name of God/The Higher power. Also note that this list selected names of different faiths and religions of the world at random. Some names come from Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism while others may contain Native American faith, African Traditional Religions, and so on. There will be also names/definitions from religions that do not have a God, but has a power that provides the same powers and may also include the definitions from modern day faiths.

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Different Names for God:

Taiowa: Name from Hopi Indian Tribe of Northern Arizona, United States. In Hopi faith, there are nine worlds and three have already passed. In Hopi faith, we are living at the end of the fourth world and will begin entering the 5th world. Taiowa created the First world called Tokpela. From here, Taiowa created Sótuknang as his nephew, and calling himself Sótuknang’s Uncle, to create the eight other worlds. Sótuknang, according to Taiowa’s great plan, then created water, and forces of Air. Next, to Taiowa’s will, Sótuknang then created Kókyangwúti, or Spiderwoman, to create all life on Earth, including humans. Taiowa is the creator of all and has a divine plan for all humanity and life. (The Book of the Hopi, Frank Waters, 1963 pg. 3).

Waheguru: Name from Sikhism originated in Punjab, India. According to the Sikhi Wiki page, Waheguru, or sometimes spelled Vahguru/Vahiguru, “is the reference to the Almighty God; the Creator; the Supreme Soul; the Sustainer; etc. The word ‘Waheguru’ literally means the ‘Wonderful Lord’ in the Gurmukhi language.” As it is in Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, there are multiple names for God in Sikhism, but Waheguru is the most important and most common. “There is but One God, His name is Truth, He is the Creator, He fears none, he is without hate, He never dies, He is beyond the cycle of births and death, He is self illuminated, He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was True in the beginning, He was True when the ages commenced and has ever been True, He is also True now” (Guru Nanak).

Yahweh: Name from Judaism originated in Israel. According to Yahweh is too sacred of a name to be uttered in words and so the name has been replaced with The following: My Lord, I am who I am, Adonai, God, etc. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. God is one and above all. “In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was over the waters .” (Bible, Genesis, 1:1-2).

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Allah: Name from Islam originated in Mecca, modern Day Saudi Arabia. As with Sikhism, there are many names for Allah – as many as 99 in the Quran. Similarly to the view of God in Christianity and Judaism, Alllah is almighty. “Alllah – there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of [all] esistence. Neither drowsiness overtakes Him nor sleep. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth.” (Quran, 2:255)

The Universe: A new name for the Higher power in reference to The Law of Attraction. Partly based in the science and the spiritual aspects of religion, there are famous quotes that claim we are all made of stardust and are embodiments of the universe. The Universe may be seen as the creator of all for we are all made of particles of this Higher Power. While the Law of Attraction is the most common law, there are 12 spiritual laws that are proclaimed in conjunction to how the universe works in mysterious ways – such as how God/Allah/Taiowa works in mysterious ways.

Mbombo: Name from the Kuba people of Central Africa. Mbombo is the creator god that vomited the world into existence, according to Ancient Origin’s research into this name for God. In the beginning, there was Mbombo, or Bumba in the Boshongo tradition, along with water and darkness. First, he vomited up the Sun to create night and day, thus drying up the water to create land. Next, Mbombo created nine animals and along the train of this creation came humans.

Brahma: Name from Hinduism. In Hindu faith, Brahma is the creator God that was born through hatching out of the Golden Egg. According to Ancient History Encyclopedia, Brahma created light and dark, good and evil, gods, demons, ancestors and men. Brahma also created all life on earth. Upon continuous creations and recreations every eon, this cycle continues. During this process, Brahma gave Shiva all authority over the earth.

God: Name renown in the English Language for Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and so on. This is the most common name for the Higher Power as many find this power to be. There are countless hymns and Psalms in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, Quran, Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and so on. God is known to be reincarnated in Jesus Christ, part of the Holy Trinity in Christianity, the great teacher, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator and so on.

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The Connection between all names.

The religions of the world and faiths of the world have many different names for God either for faith reasons, linguistic reasons, or cultural reasons. Be that as it may, there is a common theme through the eight names given here: all names for the Creator find the creator to be an omnipotent being, a higher power, that created the world in their image and thus us as humans. In Hopi Mythology, Taiowa has a divine plan that he entrusted in his nephew, Sótuknang, to enforce. In so doing, Sótuknang entrusted Spider woman to create humanity. In Judaism, Islam and Christiranity, God/Allah alone created the universe. with Mbombo, he created everything and thus in tern created other gods and deities similarly to Brhama of Hinduism.

In Abrahamic religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, God created humanity and in turn humanity continues to create and add beliefs. In so doing, Angels, Archangels, Saints, Prophets and what have you are born to further enforce the word and will of God/The Higher Power. Similarly in Sikhism, the Sikhs have the 10 gurus, saints, and what have you. The Hopi have Katchina spirits, and there are countless of different religions around the world with symilar systems in their faith.

While the paths of humanity have been vastly different as the names of God/The Higher Power has been varied, whether the faith stems from the Mesas of Arizona, the Deserts of Arabia, the hills of Jerusalem, the five rivers of Punjab, or from the basin of Central Africa, the definition and power behind the Higher Power/Creator/God has been vastly similar. In comparing the eight names, there is only some variations on top of the same seeds of almighty creation of all that we know. In understanding this from my perspective, whatever name we call God/The Higher power to be, I find we are all in reference to the same Higher being.

Money will never replace God not just because Money relies on our mind to survive, as we discussed in Money is Not God – Only God is God, but because Money did not create the world we live on, the water we drink, the animals we live with. In the earlier posts, We Are the Connection and The Balance Starts with You, we all have a connection to a higher power whether we view it as The Universe, Waheguru, or what have you. If your faith has Kachina spirits to guide you in your connection to the Higher Power, or saints, or angels or what have you, I find they are all different sides of the same coin in our lives and our path to peace.

The Name of God can be many and it can be one. The Power of God is many and is in/began with One. As many variances as there are humans and life on earth, I find we are all looking at the same omnipotent being in the end. View it as if we are all looking at the stars in the sky at night: the stars in Argentina are looked at a different direction as the stars in the night sky of Russia; however, it is still the stars in the sky. The horizon of the sun looks differently in Arizona as it does in Japan; however, it is still the Sun rising in the sky. The clouds form differently over Venezuela as they do in Mongolia; however, they are still the clouds. In this view, so to is the Higher Power in my mind.

More to come on this.

Be well and be safe & healthy.

Papa Hannah


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