The Nature of Humanity


Humanity is more than the love of money. Humanity is more than the jobs we have to barely make ends meat in the societies we live in. Humanity is more than mass production of chemically enhanced goods and services that have adverse side effects on all life and the only world we have. Humanity is more than the hatred and tension between nations, religions and races. Humanity is more than hunger and war. While we have evolved in technology, operations and supply chain management, warfare, and economic disparity, we have devolved and disconnected ourselves from our faiths, the planet earth we blindly walk upon and take from, and from our love and respect for own humanity.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Synopsis of Current Human History

Since the Colonization of America (North and South), the whole world only knew of warfare, slavery, the struggle of keeping faith and hatred among other races. Since World War I, Nationalism and advanced technology was introduced in such a way that killed millions in horrific warfare and had nations more bloodthirsty than ever for revenge. Since World War II, racism and segregation was at a climax with the holocaust and nuclear weapons that can kill millions with one bomb were developed. Since World War II, Many nations around the world have been in perpetual war from India vs. Pakistan, the Cold War, The War on Terrorism, and ongoing conflicts we see today.

With the advanced technologies developed in times of war also came advanced technologies for leisure: television, Iphones, computers, and video games that can mimic reality. Nuclear weapons have also become more sophisticated, surveillance is at a maximum in many of the world’s largest nations, medications have become so precise that they keep people on the verge of addiction to maintain a “higher quality of life” – all while paying a price.

With advanced technologies, warfare, and the anxieties & fears of World War III looming, the world’s major religions claim tens of millions, and even in billions, of followers adherent to their faiths; however, the everyday person may only go to Church twice a year for Easter and Christmas per family standards while practice agnosticism or atheism every other day. Others may not go to their temple, mosque, or Wat and instead practice witchcraft, spiritualism, or return to shamanism. Many more do not practice any religion whatsoever and just work seven days a week.

In a world filled with technology that was only found in science fiction a hundred years ago, we have more people dependent on addictive medications and recreational drugs that could kill a man, spyware that makes privacy a thing of the past, and the purpose of life being a seat at a cubicle to keep money flowing no matter what. In a world of 7.8 billion people, communities and families are divided by constant school, work, debt, illness and loneliness to the point where suicide and depression run rampant.

Human trafficking, slavery, and drug usage are ever more prevalent in this connected-through-loneliness world. We live in a maze of technology that we forget our true purpose of life and attempt to forget our troubles by turning our backs on the faiths we were raised in by investing money in alcohol, drugs, and recreations. We now live in a world where faith has been forgotten, where we live in a digital labyrinth with AI as the Minotaur, and where money may have taken the place of God.

Image by paski garcia from Pixabay

We are Disconnected

Just as how the U.S. dollar is disconnected from Gold, so are we from each other, nature, our true virtues. How many times would you rather sit down and look through your phone rather than invite people over for a dinner? During the Covid-19 lock down of 2020, the advanced technologies have attempted to bring us together; however, how many times do we still feel alone? How many memes during Covid-19 have been born seeing people screaming to return to work, having mental breakdowns, afraid they won’t be able to pay rent next month? How many times did the AI Minotaur allow these people to be made into the memes they are, showing the true horrors of what Money has made people to be if they do not get their money fix?

Money has disconnected us more over the years and the Covid-19, in my view, highlighted this disconnectedness in clear black and white. This outbreak also provides some constitution for some to maintain this dis-connectivity to maintain the struggle to make money in a sense of false-survival. This goes back to tribal warfare ages past where people were fighting over resources. How can money truly bring back American Glory? Through loans? Through continuing treating Money as God? the dollar has inflated so much that $1.00 in 1913 is now equivalent to $2,634.00 today. How many loans are being created to keep Money as God? How much more disconnected does humanity need to be to keep the world we know alive?

How many more gadgets, technological advances, AI advancement, and warfare does the world need to keep the world ever more divided in the idea of keeping divide-and-conquer alive for those in power in the hopes of a “unified world”? How much pollution is needed from these advancements in technology, maintaining the technology we are all familiar with, to keep us disconnected from earth? How much political divide is needed to perpetuate war in the boon of false peace in stolen riches?

How much more disconnection can humanity take?

My answer: None.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Connecting the Dots

Money was created as a medium of exchange between two or more goods or services – any economist or business person can say that much; however, during the Covid-19 lock down, there is a different medium of exchange at hand: how many lives are needed to make change possible?

In history, there are wars that tell us of mass bloodshed in the prospect of a mighty boon (think of the Cherokee Trail of Tears after gold was discovered in what is now Georgia, U.S.). There have also been millions of lives lost due to different ideologies fighting for control (i.e. China’s Cultural Revolution). In a literal sense, the lives of humanity was seen as a truer medium of exchange between national powers more so than the artificial medium exchange of money; and yet, humanity cannot get enough of money to keep themselves afloat. Perhaps this is a paradox, or perhaps it’s a tool in the new digital labyrinth to keep humans in their place.

Technological advancement has also seen human lives as a medium of exchange – how many bombs have been tested for nuclear advancement for them to be used in warfare so lives can be put at risk of being used as a medium of exchange between two powers for the boon of world dominance? We could consider this a form of an insurance policy for world powers to maintain their way of controlling populations through fear and money. To quell the fears in human populations, other technological advancements have been made in the forms of entertainment, drug use, and complex goods and services that need experts to explain so they can be sold.

For a while, this system was working fine even as 9/11 and the 2008-2009 financial crisis woke up some people out of this fear and have them work more to make ends meet. Be that as it may, now that we are in the lock-down of Covid-19. this has become more apparent since developers of video games, television shows on Netflix and OnDemand, and storytellers are in overdrive to allow different discounts on games, movies, and what have you. The News media has also been in overdrive keeping the story alive while there are side stories of Nuclear issues with Iran, talks of immigration, and other investigations of highly publicized people in the background.

While in this lock-down with Covid-19, we are still disconnected with planet earth and we still continuously take resources without end and the blindness that video games, movies, and the news provide is running dry. How many games can you play while inside all day, every day? How many shows can you watch in your studio with very little places to go? The connection of the dots is simple in nature, but complex in application: keep humanity consuming in masses while the leaders of the world have the news, entertainment and technology keep us blinded from the pivotal events taking place behind the scene to (a) continuously secure their power over a population, (b) endlessly take resources from the world without consequence, and (c) if God had to be replaced with Money to keep this practice alive, then so be it.

Image by Omni Matryx from Pixabay

We Are More than What The System Say We are

Money is not God – only God is God. Money is a tool for exchange, not a new golden golden calf. We are living in a transition to a new way of life and we must awaken from the blind sleep we were forced into by the plethora of technology and entertainment we have grown accustomed to in our daily lives. We are more than the account specialist at a cubicle, we are more than a customer service representative at the food store, we are more than farmers. We are stronger than we think we are in this digital labyrinth we reside in. We are humans – beings of free will.

We must awaken and see that we are harming the world by the ways we are living through this blind mass consumption we were fed since we’ve been born. There is more to life than struggling for money to continue our blind addiction to technology and mass consumption. There is more to life than endlessly taking resources from the world. There is more to life than the way we think is the only way.

Until such technological developments were made and when human lives were made to be a medium of exchange for those in power, humanity lived in harmony with higher powers beyond what we know (God, Allah, WaheGuru, The Universe) and with the Earth. Money has been used to drive people away from the ways we were raised in to only ask ourselves how to make money. Money has been used not as a tool of exchange, but as a tool of control over mass populations to this point in humanity. Technology has been used as a tool of control where there is more potential for technology to benefit all life outside of humanity; instead, it has been used at the detriment of other life forms on earth to keep other humans blindly enslaved to money.

It is time for a new direction where we return to living not off of earth, but symbiotically with earth. It is time to return to living with the higher power above us, not the false power of money. The nature of humanity is more than living in another’s labyrinth for control, is more than the fear of not having money. The nature of humanity is living with the earth, living with the higher power, and living with our fellow humans as equals. My goal is to provide a train of understanding for us to return to this nature of humanity. There is true freedom for humanity when we live in this symbiosis between what is spiritually above us and what is physically around us rather than divide, conquer, war, and false peace.

More to come on this.

Be well and be safe & healthy.

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