Money is Not God – Only God is God


The Current State of Humanity has masqueraded Money as a deity to the point where it has become one of the primary focuses to support humanity as it lives today. It has gotten to the point where an economic collapse is viewed as the Pandora’s box to the end of the world for some. Millions of Americans have been fed that if they take out $100,000 + in student loans when they’re 18, they are making an investment for jobs to pay them $120,000 a year. Commercials on investing wealth in gold, silver and platinum run on different airways to protect you from another ’08-’09 crisis. The average minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 and hour while Russia’s minimum wage of 70.50 Rubles is equivalent to $0.96 USD.

If you need a car to get to work, but only make enough to support the bills you have, you are expected to take out a loan to pay for this car. You then will have to struggle to pay down this loan while making $7.25 an hour while driving the car you cannot afford all in the effort of maintaining the current lifestyle you are living. In this situation, how many times have you asked your self this question: How can I make more Money?

Perhaps you took out a student loan, had your parents cosign for you, and you are now a Bachelor of Psychology; however, you are struggling to make ends meat as you work at the local grocery store, struggle to find a job in your field of study to make at least $40,000.00 a year, continue making close to minimum wage, and wonder if this was all worth it. We were told a simple Pythagorean Theorem since we were young: More Education + Loans = Higher and More Stable Salary. How true did this turn out? There is a dark side to this debt.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Debt has been created to keep a population of humanity in a state of fear-driven control so those who were taught that as long as they better themselves, their wallet will be better; however, many goods and services have raised in prices, wages have not risen to meet these increased prices, debt has skyrocketed to never before seen reaches, and people are ever more hustling different side jobs and what have you to make ends meet. The life of the almighty dollar is more important than life of the human that created the dollar. How can that be?

In The Nature of Humanity, we discussed how money has changed from the medium of exchange between goods and services to now a form of slavery for humanity. It is as though Money is being crafted to take the place of God. Money is the primary focus in news media outlets, on the minds of many people who are left jobless due to Covid-19. There is more to life than the struggle of keeping debt in check and servicing the new golden calf.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Understanding the Atheist Perspective

In the current world we live in, there are various reasons why some may turn away from religious systems, beliefs they were told to keep close to their hearts since they were young, taboo on seeing a for profit-psychic, and above all else denouncing religion and faith as a whole. There are many pastors on TV and on YouTube that have you chug the name Jesus like you would chug beer out of a funnel hose so they can continue their lavish lives of driving Mercedes and living in 50 room mansions.

There are megachurches that sing Jesus in the verses dozens of times and reach platinum level record sales. There are religious states that use their holy text as a justified mean of mass genocide. There are a plethora of psychics and card readers who are truly doing their best as being as economical for their client as possible and providing utilizing their powers for the benefit of humanity; however, they are painted with a solid red brush when a famous psychic is discovered for overcharging clients and providing false information, and so psychics are avoided. Whichcraft is gaining some popularity in some sects; however, there is a strong population that finds them to be the opposite side of the same coin as megachurches.

Be that as it may, there are people out there who are true to their Bible, true to their Quran, true to their Sri Guru Granth Sahib, true to their Dharma, True to their psychic abilities, true to their magical abilities so that others may benefit from them in an empathetic manner without expecting much or anything in return. Due to the portrayal that there are those using religion and beliefs as a means to generate profit, many turn their back on faith because of the greed some humans grow in their hearts. As a spiritual person myself, I can objectively see why some may do so since Money has influenced some to use faith and religion solely for the purpose of turning a profit. It can put a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.

However this may be, those who use religion for the purpose of keeping money as the tool to control their audience so they can turn a profit still bash atheists for being atheists. How can one expect it to be a two way street: make money off of religion, then smack those who turn away from religion?

Connecting the Dots

An atheist may chose to be an atheist for many reasons. It’s understandable that a level of disgust towards religions as they are today, attempting to be ran as a business to continue their operations, could very well be a justifiable reason why someone may be an atheist. For me, however, I find there is a higher power above us that we need to return to.

Image by Glegle from Pixabay

Money has been used as a tool to enslave humanity. When humanity attempts to return to faith as it is today for a sense of peace, some would rather turn to atheism as the very faiths they are turning to are looking to turn a profit on them as well. Money has enslaved others into debt, barely livable wages for any standard of society, and has subdued modern day religions to be modern day businesses more focused on operation & supply chain management of donations to their religious cause. There is justifiable cause why some may turn to atheism in this way because we were taught our respective religions at a younger age, ripped form the virtues we were told to abide by to make our money, and when we try and return to the faiths we once held dearly to, we see they are just like any other business.

It’s a sad and depressing image to see that many houses of faith around the world rely on a medium of exchange as well in order to stay afloat. Before money swept the world by storm, communities would gather to rebuild their churches out of the kindness of their hearts and, in turn, the church would bring word of the scripture and a sense of peace for the community. This was the same for Mosques, Sikh Gurdwaras, Buddhist Temples, and what have you. To support the clergy of these holy sites, people will offer food for free to these holy men and women.

To this day, the Sikhs still practice this communal kitchen for free for all patrons of all faiths to rejoice in. However this may be, money has put a price tag on all goods and services to the point where these houses of worship must succumb to it so they can continue to be houses of hope and peace for those who are struggling to survive in the very same system the houses of worship try and see through.

Would this be a paradox or just another form of slavery for those who control the dollar? If I were an atheist, I would be distasteful of going to a house of worship due to them relying on the dollar; however, the other side of the coin of this would be a mutual understanding that the dollar may have enslaved both humanity and houses of worship in a form of further control and may have people hold stronger to their faiths. They may hold on tighter not because of their strength in the faith, but for fear of the faith dissipating in the folds of monetary history. It could also be a systematic process of eliminating religious systems so all only follow the dollar and are forced to forget their past ways (I.e. Cherokee Trail of Tears, Wars with the Lakota Indian Tribe, and so on). Whatever the root cause may be, it all stems back to a question people are now forced to ask themselves, no matter the cost of forgetting their faith and the virtues they were raised in:

How can I make money?

Image by Glegle from Pixabay

Money is Not God – Only God is God

The view of money as God has skewed the way we live in today’s world. How much will it cost to maintain the car so I can drive to church, work, and school? How many investments must I make to see a return so I can buy that Louis Vuitton bag for my partner? If there was a God, why did I get fired? If there is so much money in the world, why do I have so little and work so hard for it? My sister is making $40K more than me and she’s two years younger than me, why do I envy her? Why not steal from a bank so I can buy more drugs and payback my loan sharks?

Viewing money as God has distorted human rational to do unjust things to maintain the lives they are living – no matter the cost. The problems that rise from this mentality are limitless unless we walk a different route – a route with the higher power.

The higher powers of the world are known by different names; Yahweh, God, Allah, Waheguru, the Universe, Brahma, Taiowa, the One, Father, and so on. Due to my upbringing, I am used to calling this higher power God, so I will continue to call The higher power either Higher Power, God, The Creator, Father, or vary between the names from other faiths or institute my own name in the future. The names that were listed above come from religions that have explicitly stated the evil powers of Money.

The Sikhs have Greed as one of the Five Thieves. Christians have Greed as one of the seven deadly sins. The Hopi continuously fight against greed to protect their lands. Islam has essential teachings to not allow wealth to blind you and it is never acceptable for earning a fortune from doing wrong. The Buddhists have greed as one of the three poisons. If we compare these variations on money, which is a tool used by those in power to maintain a population, money is the tool of those greedy for power and control. This greed for power and control has painted Money as God so others must make it, or else starvation, homelessness, and a life of misery. In these different perspectives, and in my own view, money has become God for the greedy and is being forced onto the human population to take place of God to feed other people’s greed of control, power, and authority. The view that greed is evil is well known throughout the world; however, the current world we live in has us forget this virtue daily and continue to chase after the dollar no matter the cost.

Money is not God – only God is God. Only Yahweh is Yahweh. Only Allah is Allah. Only Taiowa is Taiowa. Only the Universe is the Universe. It is time to think about money in a different way and return to our ways with the Higher Power – to return to when greed was viewed as evil.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Begin seeing Money as a Tool

Money has always been a tool, not the golden calf to be praised and worshipped. When you look outside you window, there is a tree that is still standing strong, there is a flock of birds still flying freely, there is still a dog barking to play fetch. Look at these objectively, look at them in the view point that it is not dependent on the mind for existence. If you did not see the tree, the birds, or the dog, they are still alive and breathing – they do not need our minds to exist. If we are gone tomorrow, the birds in our birdhouses, the dogs on our couches, and the trees in our backyards will always find a way to live – always a way without money. Money is dependent on our minds for existence.

If we do not see money, then it does not exist. If we do not use money, then it does not exist, if we do not fear Money, then Money has no control over us. However, if we fear not having Money, Money will find a way to grow greed in us all to do things to grow it more no matter the cost. Money was created as a tool between humans to exchange goods and services. If one person has $10,000.00 and wants to buy from another person a boat worth $9,965.89, then they can do it with out issue. If the man with the boat wanted a bike from their purchaser worth $9,970.00, then they could barter because money was used as a tool for the medium of exchange, whether or not the dollar bills exchanged hands. The value of money allowed the two to barter the boat for a bike similar in cost. This is the true purpose of money – nothing more and nothing less.

By removing money as the only means of survival, we allow more room for returning to the higher power. Unlike Money, if we look at the Higher power objectively, God/Allah/Taiowa does not depend on our mind for existence. If God so willed and the human population is reduced to Zero, trees will still grow, dogs will find their food, and birds will still fly. In many faiths, we can find peace through the Higher power through the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Guru Nanak, and all other great religious founders. The core virtues are very similar, as we see with the perception of greed, so hence the higher power has given us the tool of morale building to prevent greed from growing to become God-like and take back our lives from money.

Money should not encompass all our thoughts and fears.

In Islam: Quran 6:151 “[D]o not kill your children out of poverty; We will provide for you and them.” The Higher power will always provide

In Christianity and Judaism: Ecclesiastes 5:10  “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income.   This too is meaningless.” There is more to life than money.

In Sikhism: Sri Guru Granth Sahib Page 1372: “[W]here there is spiritual wisdom, there is righteousness and Dharma. Where there is falsehood, there is sin. Where there is greed, there is death. Where there is forgiveness, there is God Himself.” Greed will lead to demise – Only God can be God.

In Buddhism: Quote from Guatama Buddha: “There is no fire like greed, No crime like hatred, No sorrow like separation, No sickness like hunger of heart, And no joy like the joy of freedom. Health, contentment and trust Are your greatest possessions, And freedom your greatest joy. Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment, Know the sweet joy of living in the way.” We must free ourselves from greed.

These teaches have been with us since before we were born and still hold true even in the digital labyrinth we live in today. Try living using money objectively and not dependently, allowing more room for the higher power in your life, and see how this will benefit you. Remember, money is a tool we created, let us use that tool for a better world for all. Remember also, the higher power allows us to be on earth, be mindful that we are to be respectful of the power that allows us into existence and be respectful of the earth we live with.

More to come on this.

Be well and stay safe & healthy.

Papa Hannah

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