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I find we are all on a path towards peace, no matter where we live, how we lived, or where we started in life. I find there is more than one path to heaven.

I am working on a series of journals on faith, finding peace for ourselves, along with many other thoughts that come through. I hope you enjoy what you read here and I look forward to your thoughts as well!

Many Blessings

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Journal on The Balance

Journal on my thoughts and personal research on what peace is and how to attain peace.

Journal on faith

A look at how all faiths and religions of the world have more similarities at their core roots.

Garden of the Heart

I view the Heart as a Garden: we grow emotions in us and find ways to use what we grow to better ourselves.

Letters to God

A collection of letters to God, praying for all humanity.

Money and Faith

Posts and Commentaries on how Money is viewed more as a God rather than what it was meant to be: a tool for a medium of exchange.

Daily Faith Quotes

Daily quotes to inspire us.

About Us

This is a series of journals by one person who finds peace can be found in many ways with the same destination

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